To the gamer reading this.

Afternoon my wonderful readers,

I have so many ideas for posts whirling around in my head but knowing what order to put them down in, or how to write them out in an engaging way is the tricky part!

It also probably doesn’t help that Rosie is obsessed with a Netflix series called Spirit at the moment and I’ve now had to watch the 4 series about 20 million times! Toddlers never, I repeat, never  get bored of something if they’re hooked! I’m seeing that horse and hearing the theme tune in my sleep! My laptop is positioned at the back of my sofa so I can keep an eye on her although I don’t know why…she isn’t moving from that spot.

So here I am trying to write the next post for you all when I thought about something that is quite important to me, that I think every single person interested in gaming should remember…

My history of gaming has been mostly positive but there have been a few times where I have felt belittled or laughed at for my choice in games or for how I’m not a ‘real’ gamer. I suffer from social anxiety so for me sometimes I don’t join in with discussions or something that interests me because I’m worried what someone else might say in response! I saw a couple of these types of posts on other groups I’m in and decided to try and write something to express how I feel about the gaming world.

To the gamer.

To the gamer who has just one console or a basic setup: That’s great, it must be so nice to have something you can play whenever you want and enjoy. Gaming can be expensive, but at least you’ve got something to play on even if it is just a basic setup. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who has every single console ever made or top of the range equipment: Wow! That’s amazing, you must be so proud of your entire collection! It’s great to be able to invest in your hobby! I bet you love the set up you’ve created. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who bought a ready made gaming PC: Damn it’s cool that these are available to buy with warranties and support if you need it! You can just get straight on with gaming! Yay. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who built their own PC from scratch: What an awesome accomplishment. Feel proud that you’ve managed to do it! You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who has never completed a single game: It’s wonderful that there is so much choice out there isn’t it? It’s so much fun to try all the different games and not feel pressured to complete them. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who has 100% on every game they’ve played: Awesome! What an achievement. It must be so satisfying to see that completed sign on the games you’ve played. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who has only one type of console/system: You’ve found a system you like and have stuck to it! There’s no problem in that. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who plays all different systems: What a choice we have, it’s so ace to switch it up and play different styles every now and then! You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who only ever plays every now and then: Time is a precious thing and sometimes work/college/life gets in the way. It’s lovely that you can occasionally pick up a controller and shut off for even just 10 minutes to play a game. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who is a full time streamer or games every single day: What dedication. It must be lush to be able to do what you love as a job or have the time to play whenever you want. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who knows nothing about computers or how games are made or work, and needs to call tech support if they have an issue: Isn’t it reassuring that there are amazing people out there who know how to make games and can help when something goes wrong – it definitely takes the pressure off! You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who knows how to fix games and understands exactly how a computer works: You go girl/guy! That takes time and dedication – Kudos that you’ve learnt a skill, I bet it really helps when you get an issue and you can share the knowledge you have! You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who is a girl: You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who is a guy: You’re a gamer.

I could go on all day with this but my point is. Glass houses.

Lets not belittle anyone for their choices in life. Instead lets celebrate the fact that we have so many wonderful games/consoles/setups to choose from and that anyone can play whatever they want! Lets build communities, make friends and enjoy gaming! Don’t judge people or make them feel small or insecure just because their way of gaming differs from yours. They are a gamer just like you.

Build people up, don’t tear them down.



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7 thoughts on “To the gamer reading this.”

  1. A lovely article Artemis and a wonderful sentiment. A gamer plays games, and that’s it really. No particular need to delineate further.

  2. Amazing to read this!
    Had a discussion yesterday where someone dissed me for playing League of Legends.
    We are all gamers. We need to stick together!

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