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I hope everyone’s had a great week and yes it’s finally Easter!! I have eaten far too much chocolate already… bad Arty, must try harder -.-

Ok! So, todays post is a bit of an insight into games that I really enjoyed when I was younger!

My earliest memories of gaming was actually watching my brother game – he had a SNES and N64 and used to play it a lot with his friends at home. Sometimes he would allow me in his room to watch (as long as I sat still and didn’t say a word!) which was fair enough! It was probably pretty annoying for him as a big brother to have his baby sister always wanting to join in.

He played a lot of goldeneye, pilot wings, Mariokart, Mario party and Super Mario allstars which obviously provided hours of entertainment.

I suppose I can say I grew up mostly with Nintendo and PC games as the main influencers of my gaming life. We had a standard ancient family PC which I had to fight my sister for to play games on. If she wouldn’t give it up I would head down the library and book time on the computer then play for hours on Neopets! (back in 2004! So I was 11 at the time)… it’s crazy to think how much the electronic and internet world has grown in the last 10 to 14 years! I didn’t have an ipad or phone or anything technical except the computer until I was much older and in secondary school! Whereas my daughter who is only 2 can already swipe my phone to turn it on, play interactive learning games on the ipad and find her favourite tv series on Netflix on the Wii U! Children are advancing so much faster than I did! But that’s another post for another day πŸ˜€

For me there have been quite a few games that I have loved playing…some are really random and I don’t play them anymore but others I still play to this day and will always be a go to game for me! They are in no particular order either πŸ™‚

Super Mario All Stars (SNES and ported onto the Wii)

To this day I still haven’t completed this game! If you really want to know how someone reacts under pressure and how their anger issues are…make them play this haha. However this is possibly one of the most brilliant games I have ever played! Super Mario All Stars contains a compilation of 4 Super Mario games that were released between 1985 and 1990 from Nintendo

  • Super Mario Bros
  • Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels
  • SuperΒ  Mario Bros 2
  • Super Mario Bros 3

All 4 are a wonderful culmination of retro, family friendly classics that will keep anyone entertained for hours – providing you don’t rage quit! For me this game was something I loved to play with my brother and sister. I remember distinctly that my brother always gave me the ‘duff’ controller though whose buttons would stick from time to time and not work… probably because I had previously accidentally spilt milk on it (a massive oops moment). You could spend hours on this game – fighting bowsers, chasing 1ups, jumping on goombas, flying on carpets and more…a real all rounder game that has made it a lifelong favourite of mine <3

Super Mario Party (N64)

One of the best multiplayer games. Hands down, a favourite. I am a boss at bumper balls and mushroom mix-up. Here we have another classic from the N64 this time, that once again was a sibling favourite. My bro 100% completed this game which meant whenever I hopped on I could play whatever mini games I wanted! This game had so much to it – plenty of boards to play on, tons of mini games for single player through to 4 multiplayer and varying lengths of board turns so you could keep it short and sweet or go for all out war on the top spot.

The funniest thing was that my brother hates loosing – so if I was doing well in a game or my sister was, he would change the channel mid game so we would lose! So sneaky. The fight for the most stars and coins is one we still continue to this day!

Mariokart Double Dash and Super Mario Sunshine (both Gamecube)

I’m sensing a theme here, is anyone else seeing it? Yeah, more Mario. The Gamecube was one of the first consoles my parents bought me that was my own. They got me Mariokart Double Dash and I fell in love with it! The double characters, items, tracks and characters… You know what? I love everything about this game, I can’t say anything bad about it, hours of endless fun as a single player or multi!

Super Mario Sunshine came along later and for me it was a whole new world, to be able to play 3D and have a much more interactive map than the All Stars games was so different and funky! Loads of little games and side quests alongside the main mission with no real time threat…easy playing and FLUDD by your side. So good πŸ˜€

Theme Hospital (PC)

Oh my god its not a Mario game! I know its shocking…it’s ok stay with me! Who didn’t play this game?! I lost hours to this! Creating your own little hospital, fighting weird illnesses and hitting the targets to climb up the ladder and get a bigger hospital! This was such a good interactive game and the detail was epic considering it was completely made up! It’s 2018 and I still play this. Warped humour essential!

“Patients are reminded not to die in the corridor”

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (PC)

Yep more interactive building games! I’m sensing that theme again! Honestly for me, games where you can complete missions, build something exactly how you want and press a couple of buttons and have millions in your account to build the park exactly how you want it are my favourites!!

Jurassic Park and Zoo Tycoon both had mission and campaign modes which I loved! Hunt down the Spinosaurus and save the Pandas!!. The fact I could build a park full of dinosaurs and then break the fence and let my little T-Rex free upon the unsuspecting crowds was both evil and hilarious! I’m a big animal lover so Zoo Tycoon just ticked all the boxes for me <3

Sims 1 and 2! (PC)

Just admit it, we all played Sims <3 This is the one time I’d be watching my sis play rather than my brother! Weekend mornings were spent with her playing and me on a dining chair watching haha. She would create all these different families and they’d either live the life of luxury or poverty! (there never seemed to be an inbetween?!) Sims pets unleashed was probably one of my favourite expansion packs! I turned true architect with this game πŸ˜€ For me Sims 4 got too complicated but I still have Sims 3 on Steam although admittedly I don’t play much anymore it will always hold good memories for me!

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox)

This game was so different. No kart racing, no kid friendly simulation play. For once I was playing a game that involved shooting and killing! Red Dead was a great game because of the vast map to play from and the amount of little side missions/quests to do! Marston was such an awesome character – moody and to the point. The whole storyline gripped me and I couldn’t believe the ending (no spoilers here but it wasn’t what I expected). There was so much to this game, you could kill and skin animals, play games within the game and complete various bounty missions to name a few! For a shooting game I really enjoyed this! Especially using ‘Dead Eye’ mode!

Honourable Mentions!

These are the games that I definitely don’t play anymore but while I was growing up they were so much fun for me! God it’s cringy looking back but we were all children once and played fun kid friendly games! I was mad on ponies/animals and apparently Barbie!

Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance (PC)

Interactive and was all about horses…what wasn’t to like about this game for me??

Barbie Pet Patrol and Barbie Riding Club (PC)

Looking back at these games on YouTube for a nostalgia hit just brings it all back! As a little girl I would love playing these on the computer! The graphics are so outdated now obviously but as a child they captured my attention!



So that’s it for my favourite games/games I grew up with! What were your favourite games growing up??? Tell me in the comments! Do you have any recommendations of games that you played as a child that you think I should play??

Until next time πŸ˜€

Arty x

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4 thoughts on “My favourite games growing up”

  1. Haha spilt milk on an N64 controller was the worst…the controller would literally stink for about 3 months after and if it’s a game that involves rapidly pressing the A or B button – you’re screwed because once that button is pressed it’s staying pressed for the next 30 seconds while you try to dig your nails under it!

    Theme hospital used to creep me out, you’d get the guys with the over-inflamed heads that would come in, the doctor or nurse would then pop their head with a needle and blow it back up to normal size…that was some weird stuff!

    My first proper (TV based) console was the Gamecube too! Mariokart and Mario Party <3 But you see, I'd use a turbo-controller against my sister's, so when it came to having to press any button as fast as you can, I'd always win πŸ˜‰

    I think we all had that malevolent side to both Jurassic Park Operation Genesis & Zoo Tycoon…making a successful business is fun…but…having the customer's flee for their lives was a lot more fun!

    Haha Sims – classic, don't forget 'rosebud ;!;!;!;!;!;!:!;!:!;!;!;!' so you can build the house of your dreams straight away!

    Thank you for a great post that has made me feel very nostalgic Artemis!

    Looking forward to the next! Xx

    1. It was a SNES controller which makes it even worse!! damn those buttons jammed up nicely.
      Theme hospital was amazing, I love the research machine – people went in and never came out…
      Well that’s just mean Oli haha typical big brother πŸ˜›
      Rosebud! that was it haha, millionaire in seconds πŸ˜€
      Thanks for reading and as always thanks for the support!
      Arty x

  2. Dude this makes me feel really old!!!
    Have you tried any games from valve? My all time favourite game series has to be half life. I must play through half life 1, and half life 2 episode 1 and 2 at least once a year. Also portal 1 and 2. I can’t recommend them enough, please give them a go if you haven’t already.

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