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We all use it. We all love following beautiful accounts and giving love to those who put so much effort into those accounts! So here are 5 instagram accounts I think you should all be following if you love gaming! (along with their own suggestions!) <3


This account pairs flawless themed photos with an engaging and friendly streamer! Geek Gamer Girl gives you a real snapshot into her life as a gamer/streamer with photos of her setup (absolutely amazing, check it out! A real inspiration), herself and her passion for gaming! The editing is on point with a cute, pink girly theme throughout making it pleasing to anyone visiting her account 😀

Upon talking to Geekgamergirl I asked her whether she prefers PC gaming or consoles? She told me that if I were to ask 5 months ago, consoles would have won hands down. Until she built her own PC! The entire process of building from start to finish really gave her an insight into the complexity of not only the video games but the wonderful machines that are capable of running them. She fell in love with PC Gaming shortly after this – she notes that console gaming is still complex but feels that when playing consoles she was never really introduced to the true hardware behind them.

Gamergeekgirl_ started streaming in January 2017 as a senior in college living in a dorm with just a playstation for company. She had a gaming instagram account that she’d started and had made so many friends that urged her to stream. She admits that she didn’t even know what Twitch was until the day she created her channel (a bit like myself when I joined Twitch!). It’s taken Geekgamergirl a little while to build her incredible following of 10.8K followers! starting in December 2016 and building slowly from there. She started Twitch in January 2017, building up to 1k followers currently (July 2018)      

I asked her whether she prefers retro to modern which was a difficult question to answer! Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1 and Gamecube were all part of her favourite collection of consoles growing up. It’s a nostalgic journey to play them nowadays allowing her to fall in love with those games over and over again. Modern gaming will become that same nostalgia in 10 years or so, which is what makes this a difficult one to answer. Both have their positives but in the end – even the modern will one day be retro!

>>You can follow her on twitch at: Lextaliones_<<

<3 3 wonderful accounts geekgamergirl_ reccomends you to follow are:





HyliaGamer is a gorgeous account with stunning, eyecatching photos giving you a sleek and stylish vibe! Hylia is not only a fellow gaming geek but also a UK Gaming Ambassador for Instagram – a notable achievement! Hylia also has a discord for her 4538 followers which you can be part of by following this link: Hylias Sages

Hylia told me that she began her love of gaming at 4, her uncle had a Nintendo 64 that fascinated her. She used to watch him play and on the rare occasion he would let her have a go on it too (even if she didn’t understand how to actually play). Inspiration for her instagram is to basically show what she loves about gaming that still looks clean and beautiful. She uses the same filter on all photos and uses white borders to keep them seperate from each other.

The current consoles that she owns are: Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 2DSXL Pikachu Edition and a Gaming PC. Her favourite game definitely is Zelda – Wind Waker, it was the first she completed of the series and she still owns that same game!

<3 3 gaming accounts that Hyliagamer suggests you should follow are:




This account is a seamless blend of nature and colour with a real passion for gaming shining through. Minish.Princess brings you a colourful, cute and eyecatching account with her huge passion for nature alongside Nintendo gaming (especially Zelda and Pokemon!) Her account is growing with 1236 followers to date but this special account has real potential to go far!

I chatted to Minish.Princess and asked what or who got her into gaming? She told me that it was her brother! (just like me!), she used to watch him play video games and she loved it. The games he played were too difficult for her so she got Winnie the Pooh from her mum which she could play on his Gameboy Color. Now she had truly caught the bug having her own game to play and not long after got her own Gameboy Advance SP with Pokemon Emerald for Christmas. There was no looking back, she was hooked and has been playing video games ever since.

Wind Waker crops up again as Minish.Princess’ favourite game, although a hard question to answer! She explains that it was the first game she ever played without any help from her brother and also her very first Zelda game. Everything about the game is pleasing from the art style and music to Link and his expressions. The characters, sailing and sea all come together to create really happy memories for Minish.Princess.

The inspiration for this account come from both a passion for gaming and nature/photography. She wasn’t doing anything with her photography until her boyfriend created an instagram for videogames which Minish.Princess really liked. At first she was unsure on creating her own as she didn’t want to copy but he encouraged her to make it – ending up with a gorgeous account combining the 3 things she loves!

<3 3 gaming accounts that are on the follow list for Minish.Princess are:





Nerdynintendo although not as established as some of the other accounts has a beautiful collection of pretty, well themed shots showing her collection! She describes herself as a beginner collector and long term gamer and I really think she could be one to watch! Carefully shot images really capture her passion for gaming and Nintendo especially <3

Her favourite console has to be the Switch, previous to this the Gamecube, but since purchasing the Switch there hasn’t been a day it’s not been played. Being a handheld and a console means she never has to be without it – the ability to game anytime anywhere is whats been most appealing. All of the games Nerdynintendo has bought have given her many hours of happiness and fun!

She is currently collecting Amiibos, Nintendo games of all kinds and is starting to collect Metamon Pokemon plushies – simply because they are so cute and who doesnt love dittos face on other Pokemon? (she’s not wrong there!) The types of games she plays varies depending on moods – sometimes its a chill session with Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley – creating the perfect town. Other times she’s in the mood for fighting/shooting and Breath of the Wild or Splatoon 2 fit the bill perfectly. Pokemon however will always hold a special place in her heart and stays as a firm favourite throughout.

<3 The 3 gaming accounts that Nerdynintendo recommends you follow are:

Itsnintenerd – She is so lovely and sweet, her accounts is so amazing and since creating my gaming account she’s been my biggest support

Nintenbros64 – I’ve followed his account for a few years before making my own gaming accounts and his passion and collection are amazing

_digital_stardust_ – Her accounts is so cute and vibrant and full of happiness and the photos she posts always make me smile, she’s a lovely person and is so supportive of others in the gaming community


A stylish themed account with a huge collection of everything nerdy! Nintendokristy has an active account with a good community, you can really feel the genuine down to earth vibes in her comments section and there is a nice variety of content! The photos she posts have all been given a lot of attention to detail and carefully edited giving you the beautiful content you see before us.

Nintendokristy’s favourite game is definitely Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask because of how dark and moody it is! The three day limit and then travelling back is a great challenge – she thinks that a lot of people get taken aback by it and are put off playing, however they are 110% missing out on a fantastic game! Xenoblade chronicles 2 is another favourite – where does she begin! The voice acting and music are fantastic and honestly Nintendokristy says its one of the most frustrating and amazing games she’s ever played. The gameplay is stunning and the storyline flawless. She tells me that she can’t wait for the DLC this September. Stardew Valley takes third spot! It’s a great game to relax with after a long day (or even just all day sometimes!). You just get so into the game that hours pass but the reason this game is such a favourite is there is so much to do – it’s never ending with planting things and connecting with the towns people. The little battle system the game has and options of doing the community centre or going against it (going to the bad side of Jojoa Mart). Nintendokristy admits she’s never done this though for fear of feeling bad! Haha.

I touched on an important subject to many girl gamers which is the stigma around us! Nintendokristy agrees with me that there is one but there shouldn’t be! Being on this side of the gaming community you do see it! Nintendo is fun, that’s their whole ethos! They want you to have fun and thats how Nintendokristy feels, she wants people who visit her page to have fun with their eyes. Everyone makes it out to be a competition which brings out the stigma for gamer girls because guys get super competitive on the other side of the gaming community.

When asked Mario or Zelda? That’s a tough one Nintendokristy says! She didn’t grow up with Zelda unlike Mario, but she’s played her fair share of Zelda games and although Super Mario is her childhood memory and will always be near and dear to her heart – she picks Zelda! I can see why!

<3 3 Gaming accounts that Nintendokristy suggests are:




So there’s a few instagram accounts for you all to follow!! I really enjoyed chatting to these amazing instagrammers and learning more about the people behind the posts! I will be sharing more Instagram accounts next month!

Who would you love to see featured or who do you think deserves a special shout out?? Let me know in the comments below!! 😀 Until next time my wonderful gamers <3

Arty x

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