Gaming, the community and it’s part in mental health

I was laying in bed last night feeling pretty down and out, I felt tight in my chest and like all I wanted to do was stay in the dark forever. My self confidence hit a low and I was on the brink of closing down my instagram and this blog and just forgetting this whole journey.

I, like many others, suffer with anxiety and mental health illness. I rarely talk about them as I usually keep myself to myself when it comes to my own health, I don’t like to talk about it much because I worry about feeling like I’m attention seeking. I always am there for my friends who suffer however and have a hand reached out to them in their times of need. I am very lucky to have a very close group of friends who when I feel rubbish and down, I can message them and they’ll call or message and help me feel better. I also have my 4 Guinea Pigs who are such a positive influence for me, pets honestly are the best therapy! And finally, being a mum has changed my life so much and having this wonderful human being who unconditionally loves me and I, her, is the biggest positive influence in my life.

Slowly in our society mental health awareness has become widely talked about which is amazing! No one should be afraid to talk about their mental health, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about or be ashamed about. It’s hard though, when your own head is telling you that you aren’t good enough.

So this brings me to my topic of this post… how has gaming and the gaming community influenced mental health awareness and how has it helped me?

For me, it’s been a bit of a journey! I suffer from social anxiety so it would only take 1 unkind comment for me to feel awful about myself. The gaming community isn’t without its bad points – like any community – sometimes you do come across people who want to put others down, whether thats to do with how they present themselves, what they play, what the collect etc. and I did come across some of these comments myself however since starting gamewithartemis and joining Twitch everything changed.

I have come across the most wonderful people – many whom I haven’t even met who are consistently kind and uplifting to everyone they meet! Twitch brought me to gamerfreak0x where I have made SO many friends who many I’ve actually met in real life now thanks to him. The chat is always full of positivity along with all the other channels I follow and you really feel like you’re part of something regardless if you have played that particular game or not!

Instagram has been a wonderful influence to me too – since changing my account to being about gaming solely, I have followed so many awesome people and enjoyed being able to share what I love with people who enjoy the same. I have seen people openly talk about their own issues and also talk about their strengths and achievements. It’s a place where you can feel like you belong!

I really think this whole community can come together and become a driving force against mental health – by sharing our thoughts, lifting each other up and just being positive influences for each other. I love this community and all the people I’ve met through it. There’s so many platforms for us to utilize (Twitch, Instagram, Discord, Snapchat and more!) where we can only strengthen the community vibe and help each other <3

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Have you found the gaming community to be positive for you or not? If not, tell me why and hopefully I can help! I just want to work hard to make everyone feel included and wanted <3

Until next time my lovelies

Arty x

You can message me here or even follow me on instagram for a view into my gaming world! My DMs are always open 🙂


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Instagram accounts you should follow!

We all use it. We all love following beautiful accounts and giving love to those who put so much effort into those accounts! So here are 5 instagram accounts I think you should all be following if you love gaming! (along with their own suggestions!) <3


This account pairs flawless themed photos with an engaging and friendly streamer! Geek Gamer Girl gives you a real snapshot into her life as a gamer/streamer with photos of her setup (absolutely amazing, check it out! A real inspiration), herself and her passion for gaming! The editing is on point with a cute, pink girly theme throughout making it pleasing to anyone visiting her account 😀

Upon talking to Geekgamergirl I asked her whether she prefers PC gaming or consoles? She told me that if I were to ask 5 months ago, consoles would have won hands down. Until she built her own PC! The entire process of building from start to finish really gave her an insight into the complexity of not only the video games but the wonderful machines that are capable of running them. She fell in love with PC Gaming shortly after this – she notes that console gaming is still complex but feels that when playing consoles she was never really introduced to the true hardware behind them.

Gamergeekgirl_ started streaming in January 2017 as a senior in college living in a dorm with just a playstation for company. She had a gaming instagram account that she’d started and had made so many friends that urged her to stream. She admits that she didn’t even know what Twitch was until the day she created her channel (a bit like myself when I joined Twitch!). It’s taken Geekgamergirl a little while to build her incredible following of 10.8K followers! starting in December 2016 and building slowly from there. She started Twitch in January 2017, building up to 1k followers currently (July 2018)      

I asked her whether she prefers retro to modern which was a difficult question to answer! Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1 and Gamecube were all part of her favourite collection of consoles growing up. It’s a nostalgic journey to play them nowadays allowing her to fall in love with those games over and over again. Modern gaming will become that same nostalgia in 10 years or so, which is what makes this a difficult one to answer. Both have their positives but in the end – even the modern will one day be retro!

>>You can follow her on twitch at: Lextaliones_<<

<3 3 wonderful accounts geekgamergirl_ reccomends you to follow are:





HyliaGamer is a gorgeous account with stunning, eyecatching photos giving you a sleek and stylish vibe! Hylia is not only a fellow gaming geek but also a UK Gaming Ambassador for Instagram – a notable achievement! Hylia also has a discord for her 4538 followers which you can be part of by following this link: Hylias Sages

Hylia told me that she began her love of gaming at 4, her uncle had a Nintendo 64 that fascinated her. She used to watch him play and on the rare occasion he would let her have a go on it too (even if she didn’t understand how to actually play). Inspiration for her instagram is to basically show what she loves about gaming that still looks clean and beautiful. She uses the same filter on all photos and uses white borders to keep them seperate from each other.

The current consoles that she owns are: Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 2DSXL Pikachu Edition and a Gaming PC. Her favourite game definitely is Zelda – Wind Waker, it was the first she completed of the series and she still owns that same game!

<3 3 gaming accounts that Hyliagamer suggests you should follow are:




This account is a seamless blend of nature and colour with a real passion for gaming shining through. Minish.Princess brings you a colourful, cute and eyecatching account with her huge passion for nature alongside Nintendo gaming (especially Zelda and Pokemon!) Her account is growing with 1236 followers to date but this special account has real potential to go far!

I chatted to Minish.Princess and asked what or who got her into gaming? She told me that it was her brother! (just like me!), she used to watch him play video games and she loved it. The games he played were too difficult for her so she got Winnie the Pooh from her mum which she could play on his Gameboy Color. Now she had truly caught the bug having her own game to play and not long after got her own Gameboy Advance SP with Pokemon Emerald for Christmas. There was no looking back, she was hooked and has been playing video games ever since.

Wind Waker crops up again as Minish.Princess’ favourite game, although a hard question to answer! She explains that it was the first game she ever played without any help from her brother and also her very first Zelda game. Everything about the game is pleasing from the art style and music to Link and his expressions. The characters, sailing and sea all come together to create really happy memories for Minish.Princess.

The inspiration for this account come from both a passion for gaming and nature/photography. She wasn’t doing anything with her photography until her boyfriend created an instagram for videogames which Minish.Princess really liked. At first she was unsure on creating her own as she didn’t want to copy but he encouraged her to make it – ending up with a gorgeous account combining the 3 things she loves!

<3 3 gaming accounts that are on the follow list for Minish.Princess are:





Nerdynintendo although not as established as some of the other accounts has a beautiful collection of pretty, well themed shots showing her collection! She describes herself as a beginner collector and long term gamer and I really think she could be one to watch! Carefully shot images really capture her passion for gaming and Nintendo especially <3

Her favourite console has to be the Switch, previous to this the Gamecube, but since purchasing the Switch there hasn’t been a day it’s not been played. Being a handheld and a console means she never has to be without it – the ability to game anytime anywhere is whats been most appealing. All of the games Nerdynintendo has bought have given her many hours of happiness and fun!

She is currently collecting Amiibos, Nintendo games of all kinds and is starting to collect Metamon Pokemon plushies – simply because they are so cute and who doesnt love dittos face on other Pokemon? (she’s not wrong there!) The types of games she plays varies depending on moods – sometimes its a chill session with Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley – creating the perfect town. Other times she’s in the mood for fighting/shooting and Breath of the Wild or Splatoon 2 fit the bill perfectly. Pokemon however will always hold a special place in her heart and stays as a firm favourite throughout.

<3 The 3 gaming accounts that Nerdynintendo recommends you follow are:

Itsnintenerd – She is so lovely and sweet, her accounts is so amazing and since creating my gaming account she’s been my biggest support

Nintenbros64 – I’ve followed his account for a few years before making my own gaming accounts and his passion and collection are amazing

_digital_stardust_ – Her accounts is so cute and vibrant and full of happiness and the photos she posts always make me smile, she’s a lovely person and is so supportive of others in the gaming community


A stylish themed account with a huge collection of everything nerdy! Nintendokristy has an active account with a good community, you can really feel the genuine down to earth vibes in her comments section and there is a nice variety of content! The photos she posts have all been given a lot of attention to detail and carefully edited giving you the beautiful content you see before us.

Nintendokristy’s favourite game is definitely Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask because of how dark and moody it is! The three day limit and then travelling back is a great challenge – she thinks that a lot of people get taken aback by it and are put off playing, however they are 110% missing out on a fantastic game! Xenoblade chronicles 2 is another favourite – where does she begin! The voice acting and music are fantastic and honestly Nintendokristy says its one of the most frustrating and amazing games she’s ever played. The gameplay is stunning and the storyline flawless. She tells me that she can’t wait for the DLC this September. Stardew Valley takes third spot! It’s a great game to relax with after a long day (or even just all day sometimes!). You just get so into the game that hours pass but the reason this game is such a favourite is there is so much to do – it’s never ending with planting things and connecting with the towns people. The little battle system the game has and options of doing the community centre or going against it (going to the bad side of Jojoa Mart). Nintendokristy admits she’s never done this though for fear of feeling bad! Haha.

I touched on an important subject to many girl gamers which is the stigma around us! Nintendokristy agrees with me that there is one but there shouldn’t be! Being on this side of the gaming community you do see it! Nintendo is fun, that’s their whole ethos! They want you to have fun and thats how Nintendokristy feels, she wants people who visit her page to have fun with their eyes. Everyone makes it out to be a competition which brings out the stigma for gamer girls because guys get super competitive on the other side of the gaming community.

When asked Mario or Zelda? That’s a tough one Nintendokristy says! She didn’t grow up with Zelda unlike Mario, but she’s played her fair share of Zelda games and although Super Mario is her childhood memory and will always be near and dear to her heart – she picks Zelda! I can see why!

<3 3 Gaming accounts that Nintendokristy suggests are:




So there’s a few instagram accounts for you all to follow!! I really enjoyed chatting to these amazing instagrammers and learning more about the people behind the posts! I will be sharing more Instagram accounts next month!

Who would you love to see featured or who do you think deserves a special shout out?? Let me know in the comments below!! 😀 Until next time my wonderful gamers <3

Arty x

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Ready Player One

Ready Player One – Film Review

A film review? what is going on I hear you say! So a while back I was given this book by my brother to read and I have to be honest I got halfway through and couldn’t get into it – it’s set in a dystopian 2040’s and nearly everyone is part of a virtual reality game called OASIS. The founder dies and puts the entire fortune and control of OASIS up for grabs in an Easter egg hunt. The main protagonist Wade Watts is on the hunt for these eggs. The story is based on 80’s pop culture, trivia and knowledge. I looked at the story again when my sister told me to listen to the audiobook version – narrated by Wil Wheaton and I really got into it this time! Although 80’s pop culture is not my strong point, I loved the story and found myself listening to it over and over so naturally when the film was announced I was pretty excited.

I’m no film critic and wouldn’t know where to start with a real review so I called upon two people who I knew could give justice to the film! My brother Paul and one of his best friends, Matt have kindly reviewed the film for me and I’m excited to share their thoughts with you 😀 These guys are awesome and even have an exciting podcast ‘Spocklight’ a journey into exploring the Star Trek franchise from non trekkie perspectives! Will pop a link at the end of this post to it – I suggest you check it out 😀 But on to the reviews ^^

Paul’s Review

Disclaimer: this review does not describe the plot as such, there is Wikipedia for such things, but merely ones musings as a fan of the book, seeing the film for the first time.

I found this to be a solid adaptation of a book close to my heart. I remember hearing that the rights to the movie had been the subject of much interest and this prompted me to seek out the book. It subsequently did the rounds with friends and family with everyone kind of digging it in their own way. One of the good things about it was that there was certain to be a reference or two that a reader would just get or connect with, even if there were sections detailing a game you’d have never played and likely never will, it didn’t matter.

My chief concerns as a fan of the book would be how it would handle the insane number of pop culture references, firstly just from a rights perspective and secondly how would they translate to the big screen. You have to wonder if they had stuck with Wargames (1983) as the movie Watts has to navigate in full, would a large section of the cinema going public just not remembered the film? (for the record, Wargames is still excellent and boasts a brilliant screenplay). The decision to utilise a certain Stanley Kubrick horror from 1980 was a stroke of genius and certainly ticks the box as an almost 40 year old film that most people have actually seen.

Sadly the Dungeons and Dragons inspired first challenge is swapped out for a destruction derby through New York, I think intellectually I preferred the book on this point, but I still have to admit as eye-candy goes, the chase for the first key is very impressive. Extra point for the Jack Slater III billboard from ‘Last Action Hero’, a film that ‘Jurassic Park’ destroyed at the box office.

Not since ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ have we seen so many competing intellectual properties share the screen, but I felt this film, has more in common with ‘Wreck it Ralph’ for number of blink and you’ll miss erm cameos from world of gaming. This will be fun to revisit at home with the benefit of pause! Another Roger Rabbit connection would be the composer Alan Silvestri, responsible for the Back to the Future trilogy’s memorable scoring. A job he was almost passed over for as Speilberg had been less than impressed with his music for ‘Romancing the Stone’ a year earlier (I agree, it was the weak point of the otherwise good film). Here he delivers some of his best work in years and doesn’t make one pine for John Williams too hard.

On the human front, I felt the scenes in the real world were a little too pedestrian at times and I couldn’t wait to get back to the Oasis, much like the characters. I expected Wade to be a little larger and perhaps a little less attractive(!), and the addition of a character to do Sorrento’s dirty work led to some of the more pointless diversions in the film, which at 140+ minutes could have benefited from a little tightening. I do wish the ending had been wrapped up maybe five minutes earlier!

The special effects were routinely eye-popping and it’s not often I’m impressed by Cgi than you can shake a stick at. 3D is not my usual choice to view a film in, but I felt it was appropriate to plump the extra cash for it given that ‘The Adventures of Tintin : Secret of the Unicorn’ is my favourite 3D movie and with that Senor Spielbergo demonstrated he can really get the most out of the 3D format. Plus in terms of showcasing the Oasis it did the business.

Until a few years ago, and probably in anyone else’s hands this could have been an unfilmable project, from a technical and a rights standpoint. I look forward to the eventual remake which takes place in virtual reality, I’d happily wear the silly gear for that experience!


Matt’s Review

Ready Player One probably shouldn’t exist. Both the movie, and the 2011 novel it’s based on by Ernest Cline, play out like fan fiction writ-large – a fantastical narrative constructed within a toybox stuffed with everything from 80s arcade games and classic movies to anime and rock music. Yes, references to pop-culture are abound in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster adaptation but by and large, they play second fiddle to a largely traditional adventure that sees an obsessive gamer fight to win control of a virtual world.

Set in the near future of 2045, the real world is on the decline. Overpopulation and poverty runs rampant so for many, the best way to escape is to live out a second life inside the OASIS – a kind of Matrix-like VR playground where anything is possible. Whilst simplified somewhat from the novel, players can compete in huge FPS tournaments or anti-gravity sporting events or, like in the thrilling opening set piece, a Wacky Races style death race through the winding streets of New York – whilst being chased by a T-Rex. The backstory here is that the OASIS’s creator, a reclusive genius called James Halliday, has hidden the keys to the kingdom (and a mammoth fortune) somewhere deep inside the very code of the program. Only through an elaborate Easter Egg hunt will ‘gunters’ (a nickname for those who search for the prize) ever hope to decipher the clues and claim ownership of the OASIS itself.

This is certainly a marmite film. Many, often rightfully so, criticise Cline’s amateurish prose and endless references but for my money, the story was always a compelling, propulsive fantasy fetch quest with genuinely engaging puzzles, surprising twists and turns and a sense that it was always rocketing towards an everything-or-nothing endgame which delivers in spades. The movie retains the basic structure (figure out clue, go do task, win a key) but mixes up the particulars. Additions to the movie include the aforementioned death race and an inspired trip to the Overlook Hotel but the grand finale (which includes a wildly entertaining Iron Giant/MechaGodzilla/Gundam smackdown) is largely faithful.

The characters – from protagonist Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) to his best friend Aech (Lena Waithe) to smarmy corporate asshole Nolan Sorrento (a scenery chewing Ben Mendelsohn) – lose a little of their punch due to a movie-only decision to reveal their real-world equivalents way sooner than expected, but the sense of comradery is built on some strong chemistry between the actors, with manic-pixie-dream-avatar Art3mis (Olivia Cooke in a breakout role) perhaps feeling both the most engaging and the most flawed.

If you were hoping to see Spielberg step away from his occasionally flat, boorish historical dramas of recent years and return to his more playful, pulpy, frenzied side (think 2011’s Tintin or any of the three YES THREE Indiana Jones movies) then you can certainly have a fun time here. Obviously, the bigger the nerd you are, the more you’re going to connect with and absorb (I personally almost shrieked at seeing what I think was the Arwings from Starfox early on) and Alan Silvestri does his best at not making us miss John Williams too much.

The effects are impressive and the initially off-putting motion capture avatars of the lead characters can take some getting used to but it fits into the visual aesthetic rather well. The real world stuff is disappointingly drab in places by comparison and there are a few interesting mechanics of this world that the source material can dig into deeper than the movie but overall, it’s harmless fun that is best enjoyed now before it all gets horribly dated and kitsch in another ten years.

So I hope these two reviews have given you a little insight into the film and either make you want to watch it or at least read the book! I enjoyed the film for sure, I didn’t love it but it’s worth a watch 😀

Spocklight Links!




Catch you soon my lovelies 😀

Arty x


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The Gamerfreak0x Interview

 Hey everyone! So this has been a super exciting post for me and has been in the works for a little while! I’m stoked to finally be able to share it with you all! One of my biggest inspirations for starting this blog is the wonderful Gamerfreak0x! He has shown me so much kindness and support for starting this and through him I have made so many awesome friends 🙂 I was chatting to him one evening and I decided I wanted to interview him and give you all a snapshot into his world! Here we talk about his journey into streaming and what it is to be a streamer from his point of view. I hope you find it as fun to read as we did recording it 😀

A = myself (Arty) and G = Gamerfreak0x

A: Wagwan and waddup :D, for those of you reading, this is my interview with the wonderful Gamerfreak, so do you want to go ahead and just introduce yourself a little bit? Y’know? Who are you!

G: Wagwan, sure thing! *laughs* so my name is Gamerfreak0x (zerox) or as some people call me gamerfreak ox, I’m a UK streamer who does mainly Nintendo stuff, so MarioKart, we do Legend of Zelda, but we do throw in some odd extras every now and again. We do some Grand Theft Auto or Tony Hawk! So anything random basically! Whatever people want to see and whatever I feel like playing on the day.

A: So it kinda changes according to how people are feeling?

G: Very true, yeah that’s it! I always try and do what I’m feeling like doing because I feel like I can give a better experience like oh shit man I’m dying to play y’know Super MarioKart and if no-one wants to watch then it’s like come on man, I’m going to make them want to watch!

A: Just drink some beers isn’t it? (a common theme on the Gamer stream!)

G: *laughs* That’s it, it’s all about the beers and the Mario and more beeeeeers!

A: Can you tell us a bit about what got you into streaming?

G: Okay, it must have been about 3 to 4 years ago, I started watching the speed run events of AGDQ and SGVQ and I never knew that speed running was a thing and I found it really interesting, I was like oh man these people are beating y’know games like Super Mario World and Mario 64 in record breaking time, like stupidly fast! And after some time I realised ok cool there’s this website called Twitch and these people were doing these things live! So yeah, I used to watch people all the time and I wanted to start streaming to be a speed runner originally. I used to play…I used to do the Metal Gears solid twin snakes on the Gamecube and I tried to do Tony Hawks underground, but it was sort of…off my own head, I didn’t know any tactics or anything regarding the games. I then started mixing up different games and found loads of enjoyment out of it and I thought y’know I’m going to get off the speed running wagon and just play random games because I sort of… enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

A: Yeah, it becomes y’know quite a community feeling environment isn’t it…

G: Yeah I think once you, especially once you develop your own sort of community, it gives you more reason to do it. At first it was very personal, I was like, okay cool I may only have one or two people watching but I’m doing this for myself and as you get your own community and it grows, you do it more for them as well and you sort of think right maybe they’ll be up for watching me play some Mario and stuff and I’ll be up for it as well. That’s definitely a very addictive feeling, which I think a lot of streamers would have.

A: Yeah I can kind of get that vibe when I’m watching people on stream, you can see people get a bit of y’know excitement going for a game and kinda all doing it together and watching someone complete a game!

G: That’s it yeah, cause its in some ways, its sitting like you would as you were a kid and you’re sitting next to your friend and one of them is playing a game and your watching them and your sort of, y’know getting excited about it. Like I used to be watching and they’ll be playing GTA3 and I’d be watching and being like oh my god man that was crazy! It gives it that kind of effect and I think that’s really cool, I love watching people play.

A: That’s what I grew up doing, watching my brother play it all (because he never let me play!) 

G: Yeah and that’s such a nice feeling isn’t it, especially watching someone like an older sibling, I used to always watch my brother play as well doing all like the 18+ games…when I was like twelve.

A: *laughs* well lets be honest none of us ever listened to those age ratings of games!

G: Never! But my kids, nah they won’t be playing GTA at the age of 10…they’ll be playing proper games like Mario!

A: True that…so what’s the current setup that you’ve got at the moment? PC and streaming wise?

G: When it comes to PC’s I don’t honestly know a lot about it, I’m a bit of a n00b when it comes to PC setups. I have a very good friend who gave me his old gaming PC basically, it could be a lot stronger, I definitely do need to upgrade it a bit! I basically run everything that I do through that and the capture card that I have (Elgato HD) and that will run any console I pretty much own with a HDMI so if I’m doing something on the Xbox, Nintendo Switch or even the SNES Mini. I do need to look more into PC stuff and learn about it

A: It’s a very daunting area!

G: It really is! Especially with everyone I know, they’re like yeah dude I got this CPU and all this Capture Card and I’m like ok I got a PC man and I can play games on it! *laughs* I’m more of a console gamer, that’s what I grew up with, that’s what I learnt!

A: What consoles have you got? 

G: Oh man, I own every Nintendo that isn’t handheld so from the NES to the Switch, I’ve got 2 PS1s, a Ps2, a Ps4, Xbox One, I have a Sega somewhere and I think I may have a PSP or something!

A: You’ve got a quite a good collection then

G: Yeah I’ve got quite a few, the annoying thing is I haven’t got any of the original boxes to them except my Sega and new-gen consoles. I kick myself because they’re all the original ones from when I was a kid!

A: Ahh noo, yeah I’ve got like no boxes from about Wii U backwards

G: Yeah wouldn’t you love to have like the N64 boxed up!

A: I did actually have an N64 boxed, with original Styrofoam and everything and I sold it all!

G: Ahh man you crazy? Sheeeit! I almost closed the phone call!

A: *laughs* yeah well it was either food or gaming, and y’know…

G: Well I think you learnt your lesson, next time to go without food!

A: Definitely…who needs food! So aside from streaming, what do you get up to outside of streaming? Y’know…you’ve got a job or anything outside of it?

G: I don’t do much at the moment! Streaming, in a good way takes up so much of my time, I revolve a lot of things around that so I do work full time but my work are very understanding and they only give me morning shifts. That means the rest of my day I can do stuff for Twitch. If I’m not streaming I’m generally just chilling! If its sunny outside I’ll be out in the garden, have a beer and chill with babygirl. We may take a trip to a different town but we don’t do anything crazy at the moment. I think I’m trying to just put everything I can into Twitch and just put a break on everything else, if I’m going to make this a living, I need to stop going out. I won’t be going out to like theme parks or concerts… which again I probably wouldn’t do anyway…I’m quite boring *laughs* When I was a kid I used to skateboard and stuff but now I’m just like nah man, I’m chill!

A: *laughs* yeah I mean if someone was thinking about doing streaming full time job, do you think it is something that they have to really revolve the rest of their world around, it needs that dedication?

G: In my situation I sort of started from the bottom, I didn’t have any Twitch friends or know any other streamers. I think in that case then yes, because you are building up from nothing essentially. I had no background of followers whether it be from Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and I think you do get to a point, especially if you are working fulltime and you don’t have or live with your parents for example to support you…you kinda do have to revolve everything else around Twitch. If I am going to do a day trip somewhere for example I think ok cool but that’s going to be my day off from Twitch. So I need to do 5 to 6 days of Twitch prior and afterwards if you know what I mean. I do worry and I’m not sure if other streamers worry about this, but I worry if I stop or slow down and I don’t stream enough then I won’t become as successful as I’d like to.

A: It’s kind of like loosing that momentum a little bit

G: Definitely and it’s definitely happened, way before I was at the level I’m at now. I stopped for about 3 months and it was such a struggle to get back into it and I was really like oh do I want to do this again? Luckily I managed to push myself which was a good decision, like I said, I’m kind of addicted to it now!

A: You get that adrenaline going! Like yes I’m going to stream and get all these people watching…

G: I’m legit the kind of person who when I wake up it’s the first thing I think of! I’m like right ok today I’m going to stream this and I’m going to try to do this and stream for this long…

A: Amazing. Have there been any moments that have really stood out for you in streaming? Best moments where you can say this…this is why I’m doing it?

G: I think there’s been a couple of similar situations and I think it’s when I hit a high viewership level and everyone’s buzzing off each other. There’s been odd times when I’ve hit 30 to 40 viewers which can be quite a lot for my channel and everyone’s enjoying the stream. I sometimes sit back and think oh man this is really good and this is something I’m doing this for – I can get the enjoyment out of it. I haven’t got a specific one, I think the first time I remember of being a really good stream was when I was doing a Mortal Kombat stream and I had 60 viewers, this was before I had a 100 followers. I was like oh shit man I’m going to be partnered tomorrow y’know what I mean? *laughs* I was head over heels like sheeit yep this is it, this is my future. But yeah, I think best streaming moments is just generally when I have a good amount of people watching, everyone’s enjoying it and everyone’s getting on and getting involved.

A: Yeah, when you get loads of subscribers in one evening or y’know loads of bits? 

G: Mmm those are great moments! I love those, they’re perks but amazing perks!

A: Or when certain people…we won’t name names *laughs* go a little bit crazy on those bits!

G: I love those odd nights, usually on a Saturday night! I get a bit lucky with those bits and those are good moments. I get into bed and I’m like ahh cool there we go yeah I definitely got my moneys worth *laughs*

A: Exactly it makes it worth it! But do you feel like money wise, if you want to be a Twitch streamer then you’ve really got to take a step back from the thought of earning anything in the first instance…like it’s not something you can just go in and start earning loads of money from?

G: No and that’s true, I’ve spoken to another streamer of mine who’s a friend and he’s had an opportunity to go fulltime and one of the things I did say to him was just because you’ve got that time doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be a millionaire within the year. Especially at the level I’m at, you can’t rely on the money, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I also think that if you are going to get into this type of industry, you shouldn’t go into it originally with the thought of money. When I first started, money was the last thing on my mind and it still is! Like I can go weeks and weeks without seeing a penny and it doesn’t bring me down in any way…

A: You’re doing it for the love of it

G: Exactly, you do it for the love of it and that is obviously a perk when it does happen when you get a subscription or get a donation. You think ok cool that is a good perk and that does help me think ok maybe I can get another game for the channel, it never really goes on myself in a sense.

A: I mean it’s hard because Twitch are quite lock down on how much streamers earn and how much they keep of it – it’s not something you see a lot of information about – but then there are a lot of articles about Twitch streamers who have made it big. I don’t think it’s a good representation because it gives all these people the idea that they’re going to earn loads of money, but what they don’t realise is that a lot of these people have become famous in other ways.

G: Yeah, a lot of other streamers have been doing it before Twitch was a thing, a lot of streamers were speed runners before for example so they already had a slight following. So once Twitch became a thing, they blew up and had loads of followers and subscribers – it’s similar to YouTube stars, they may do Twitch as well as YouTube. There are some Twitch streamers I see that make a stupid amount of money! and I think it does give people the wrong idea. I think a lot of small time streamers will be like oh why am I only making this much money or its easy to make that kind of money. I think if they’re already thinking like that, then probably they’re in the wrong industry if they’re thinking of only the money. You’d be better off selling out and doing something else.

A: I think you really have to have the community mind set…

G: You’ve gotta have the community mind set, you have to have a passion for it and you need to be really comfortable with the idea that you may not make any money, but still be satisfied with what your doing.

A: On the topic of community, you’ve built quite a community now! The beautifully named “Freakz”. We’ve got the Snapchat group, WhatsApp, Discord etc… how does that feel for you?

G: It’s weird! It’s something that I didn’t see happening because I have had regular viewers for quite a while now that and some that have been watching me from almost the beginning. It’s been really cool to watch it evolve. In a sense I remember each one of these people from this “Freakz” group for example following when they did or what game I was playing. They’ve all buzzed off each other, we’ve all had these similar jokes with each other. Everyone’s on the same level and it’s been really cool! Again I sometimes sit back and think man like I got this community based around my channel and these people wouldn’t necessarily know each other if it wasn’t for my channel! Sometimes I feel that’s a lot of pressure! But I do feel blessed and happy for them, I feel like they’ve all got friends out of each other. It does make me think that ok, more for the community now, I need to try and push myself on Twitch as much as I can and give them the best content I can. It means I’ll always give my best, I want my community there, I’m always bummed if one of them isn’t there or they have to go early… it’s a good push!

A: It’s crazy that there’s people that without you…they’d never have met!

G: That is the weirdest part! Like without me…there are people that now talk outside of the group and it’s just crazy like I could have created best friends! It’s almost like I’m hosting my own show of Big Brother! I see the little conversations going on! *laughs*

A: *laughs* Yeah it’s so nice! Ok… so aside from the best moments…have there been any challenges that you’ve faced? (In the last few days there have been a few internet issues for Gamerfreak0x which has prevented him from streaming)

G: So last year, this is why I’ve been a bit anxious the last couple of days, last year when I moved into this place, we had internet issues for about 3 months. I originally moved out of London to where I am now with the mentality of cool I’m going to have a more chilled out lifestyle so I can put more time into Twitch. I was still very low down compared to where I am now and I couldn’t stream at all, every single day had issues! It really annoyed me and upset me because I was so determined! This was before the big community I have now but I was trying to keep in contact with people to tell them I’m still around and I’m trying. It went on for 2-3 months, that was a big challenge.

A: It’s one of those things that unfortunately is out of your control right? unlike a PC break for example where you can fix it fairly quickly…

G: That’s exactly it, I would have people coming to my house to check on it from the Service Provider. They couldn’t understand what the issue was! That was what made it more frustrating for me. I would get jealous too because I would be watching other streamers and be like oh my god man I’m sitting here doing nothing! It was the biggest relief to get the internet sorted out and get back on track…I managed to stream for hours and all the old followers came back! 100% It was a good feeling! I’ve got good, unique followers now who won’t give up on my channel if there are short term issues.

A: Are there any other challenges you feel you’ve faced in the build up of your stream? 

G: I think just, daily basis challenges to keep myself motivated and positive about it…not like its a drag but if I’ve had a long day at work and in some ways I just want to have a shower and get into bed. I sometimes find that a challenge but I easily overcome that, I usually put a bit of video game music on and it puts me in the mode of playing games!

A: What would you say your favourite games then? Do you have a favourite or is it too hard to pick? 

G: Ahh I don’t have a favourite game, I think its obvious that Mario is my favourite guy! Love Super Mario. One of my favourites is Super Mario World, its a game I grew up with, I play it regularly, every year and finish it all the time. I’m also a massive fan of old Tony Hawk games! This is something I haven’t done yet on the channel but I’ve always thought about it. I love those old skateboarding games! There’s too many…I could sit here and mention loads! Goldeneye, Super Smash Bros…

A: I mean if someone doesn’t like Goldeneye…I mean what are they even doing with their life…

G: *laughs* They shouldn’t even be chilling on games…just like…go work full time!

A: So true. Are there any upcoming games coming out that you think you’re going do a stream on?

G: Yes! Red Dead Redemption 2! Completely the opposite of Nintendo. I’m a massive fan of anything Rockstar actually…I feel like any game I’ve ever played from them which…I’ve played all the GTA’s, Bully and then Red Dead as well. I love those games…I saw the trailer for Red Dead 2 and almost broke down into tears of how excited I am.

A: *laughs* I think Breath of the Wild has been the game of the year hasn’t it?

G: That could win the Century for me I think, that was such a good game. Then the DLC, which is quite new to Nintendo, I was unsure about it but then I got it and that was the best bit of money I’ve ever spent on a game, just buying that extra content. It was actually amazing, I’ve finished it about 2 or 3 times now and I constantly want to go back to it and play it… and Odyssey!

A: Ahh Super Mario Odyssey with those speed runs!

G: Ah man I wish I was a good speed runner at that game!

A: *laughs* you’ll get there! So Nintendo have just announced the online content charge…what are your thoughts about that?

G: I think it’s fair enough! I mean, they’re in their own category of gaming… you look at PlayStation and Xbox together, both very good consoles and both unique but very similar in the games they bring out. Nintendo stands out a lot more to different people with a strong family, community vibe. I do understand where they’re coming from…because everyone else is doing it…you want to go online PlayStation or Xbox then you have to pay. You do get some good stuff out of it though! You get free games and discounts. I feel like it was going to happen, especially when they started bringing out the DLC’s. I don’t mind, the amount I play MarioKart online, I’ll get my moneys worth!

A: The games are too good, I don’t think Nintendo is going to lose anyone by doing this. MarioKart 8 Deluxe alone…I think you have been personally responsible for about 3 or 4 people buying Switches to play online! (myself included!)

G: Hello Nintendo! *laughs*

A: We just need that Mario Party online! 

G: Yeah, if it’s not in development already it needs to be done – but old school like the first Mario Party. Killing it with the music, sheeit!

A: Definitely…so awesome! Ok well I think we are coming to the last question! Which is what would be your advice to budding streamer wannabes? If they were thinking about streaming?

G: I would say…let me think about how best to word this…

A: “Don’t be better than me?” *laughs*

G: Yeah, don’t be better than me *laughs* no, I would say, if you like it, keep going! At the beginning stages it can be quite tedious and you can feel let down sometimes if you stream for 4 hours and no one watches. That’s normal! It’s all about keeping on going and enjoy it while you do it! And one thing I do say is play the games you want to play, I think that’s the biggest thing. I wouldn’t jump on anything for views. I refuse to jump on anything like Fortnite unless I want to play it, even though I could get a bunch of follows and viewers, I don’t want to do it for that reason. Most streamers feel like playing what they want on the day! I know I can give a better experience if I’m playing what I want to play!

A: Amazing, well I think that just about sums it up! Now…are you wearing a shirt and tie as you said you would! 

G: Erm… no I’m not *laughs* I should have been! But I am in my work uniform so I’m smart looking!

A: *laughs* that’ll do! Well thank you so much Gamer for sharing all your thoughts with us! I’ll catch you on the stream!

G: Definitely dude, Peace!

And if you want to catch Gamerfreak0x on stream or any of his social media just click on the links below!

Instagram – Gamerfreak0x


YouTube – Gamerfreak0x


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To the gamer reading this.

Afternoon my wonderful readers,

I have so many ideas for posts whirling around in my head but knowing what order to put them down in, or how to write them out in an engaging way is the tricky part!

It also probably doesn’t help that Rosie is obsessed with a Netflix series called Spirit at the moment and I’ve now had to watch the 4 series about 20 million times! Toddlers never, I repeat, never  get bored of something if they’re hooked! I’m seeing that horse and hearing the theme tune in my sleep! My laptop is positioned at the back of my sofa so I can keep an eye on her although I don’t know why…she isn’t moving from that spot.

So here I am trying to write the next post for you all when I thought about something that is quite important to me, that I think every single person interested in gaming should remember…

My history of gaming has been mostly positive but there have been a few times where I have felt belittled or laughed at for my choice in games or for how I’m not a ‘real’ gamer. I suffer from social anxiety so for me sometimes I don’t join in with discussions or something that interests me because I’m worried what someone else might say in response! I saw a couple of these types of posts on other groups I’m in and decided to try and write something to express how I feel about the gaming world.

To the gamer.

To the gamer who has just one console or a basic setup: That’s great, it must be so nice to have something you can play whenever you want and enjoy. Gaming can be expensive, but at least you’ve got something to play on even if it is just a basic setup. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who has every single console ever made or top of the range equipment: Wow! That’s amazing, you must be so proud of your entire collection! It’s great to be able to invest in your hobby! I bet you love the set up you’ve created. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who bought a ready made gaming PC: Damn it’s cool that these are available to buy with warranties and support if you need it! You can just get straight on with gaming! Yay. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who built their own PC from scratch: What an awesome accomplishment. Feel proud that you’ve managed to do it! You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who has never completed a single game: It’s wonderful that there is so much choice out there isn’t it? It’s so much fun to try all the different games and not feel pressured to complete them. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who has 100% on every game they’ve played: Awesome! What an achievement. It must be so satisfying to see that completed sign on the games you’ve played. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who has only one type of console/system: You’ve found a system you like and have stuck to it! There’s no problem in that. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who plays all different systems: What a choice we have, it’s so ace to switch it up and play different styles every now and then! You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who only ever plays every now and then: Time is a precious thing and sometimes work/college/life gets in the way. It’s lovely that you can occasionally pick up a controller and shut off for even just 10 minutes to play a game. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who is a full time streamer or games every single day: What dedication. It must be lush to be able to do what you love as a job or have the time to play whenever you want. You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who knows nothing about computers or how games are made or work, and needs to call tech support if they have an issue: Isn’t it reassuring that there are amazing people out there who know how to make games and can help when something goes wrong – it definitely takes the pressure off! You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who knows how to fix games and understands exactly how a computer works: You go girl/guy! That takes time and dedication – Kudos that you’ve learnt a skill, I bet it really helps when you get an issue and you can share the knowledge you have! You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who is a girl: You’re a gamer.

To the gamer who is a guy: You’re a gamer.

I could go on all day with this but my point is. Glass houses.

Lets not belittle anyone for their choices in life. Instead lets celebrate the fact that we have so many wonderful games/consoles/setups to choose from and that anyone can play whatever they want! Lets build communities, make friends and enjoy gaming! Don’t judge people or make them feel small or insecure just because their way of gaming differs from yours. They are a gamer just like you.

Build people up, don’t tear them down.



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