Whats on my mind today?

¬†Hey everyone! So this has been a super exciting post for me and has been in the works for a little while! I’m stoked to finally be able to share
Hey Hey Hey! Hope everyone is doing well! So this next adventure on my blog is one I’m real excited about! It’s definitely going to take a while so I’m
So todays blog is a little different and a little off topic from gaming! A good friend of mine and a fellow blogger tagged me in a recent post of
Afternoon readers <3 I hope everyone’s had a great week and yes it’s finally Easter!! I have eaten far too much chocolate already… bad Arty, must try harder -.- Ok!
Afternoon my wonderful readers, I have so many ideas for posts whirling around in my head but knowing what order to put them down in, or how to write them
  Wow. Here goes my first blog post of Gamewithartemis!! I should probably start by introducing myself… So, I’m Artemis, 25 and live in this wonderful place that is England.